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Stamps Musical Instruments - Jersey Symphony Orchestra 2011

Jersey will be celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Jersey Symphony Orchestra. This is a special community orchestra, devoted to the needs of local players, audiences and the promotion of orchestral music for everybody on the Island.

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Pink Ribbon
13 10, 2011

It was in 1996 that the international breast cancer expert Dr Ernie Bodai launched the first breast-cancer stamp. The idea was for this stamp to raise a maximum of donations for breast cancer research.

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Myanmar Stamps
 Stamp Code : MM_0000_STM_00703
 Year : 2012
 Country : Myanmar
 Title :

The Republic of The Union of Myanmar (4.1.2012)

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International Stamps
 Title : c
 Year :
 Country :
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country : Singapore
Date Issued : May.21.2010
Description : Nature Series : Butterflies
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Quiz Program :

          The winner can get Myanmar Stamps worth of US$5. Everybody can answer this questions and get the prizes. Read questions & answer now !

1. Who were the first two men to appear on US postage stamps ?

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